Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Puppy and a Birthday.

So, a few Fridays ago I went down to Dinky's which is an auction barn nearby. It was HOT out. So very hot that it wasn't fit to be about in, but I wanted to see what chick prices were at because I want to buy a few Americauna chicks before fall.

Anyway, I was walking around outside and there was a wire cage with two puppies sitting in the sun. They'd knocked their water over and the one wasn't doing so well. He was laying on his side, and I don't think he was going to make it much longer. I couldn't leave the other puppy there, so I scooped him up, gave him some water and brought him home with me. The top of the cage said FREE PUPPIES: Pointer mix. He looks like an English Pointer, and so
far has been an excellent pup. He can't be over six weeks old, but he's taken to farm life rather well. While I type this he's sound asleep at my feet. We're sitting out underneath a Maple tree in my front yard enjoying a lovely breeze while Joelee is taking a nap upstairs.

Isn't he a cutie?

On a different subject my birthday was last Thursday. I turned twenty-six. Funny irony last year on my birthday I was wearing my favorite pair of jeans and I ripped them wide open on a fan down at the barn. This year I was wearing a different favorite pair of jeans and dang if I didn't rip a hole in them too first thing. That morning my mom came down and picked up my daughter and me and she took us out for lunch at The Farmhouse Cafe in Bean Blossom, Indiana after I got a massage at a great place called Head to Toe Salon and Spa in Nineveh, Indiana. When we left the restaurant we drove past the dairy where I used to buy my Brown Swiss calves, so we stopped in to visit for a bit, and introduce them to my daughter.

After that we headed up to my Grandpa's and picked him up to go out for supper at Lotus Gardens where the waitress (May) hasn't seen me in about two years, but still can remember my order. Makes a girl feel really special.

My mom then took us to her house, where we were going to stay the night and then go to the State Fair the next morning to see how my photographs did. My sister stopped by to say "Hi." And while she was there my husband called. Now keep in mind, I've been waiting on my goats to give birth for over a month now. I wasn't exactly sure on their breeding date, but all signs were pointing toward them being ready to go any moment.

"The Alpine is in labor." Was the first line from his mouth. I honestly thought he was just picking on me. "Don't joke like that." Was my response.

However, he wasn't kidding. Sure enough she was having her kids on my birthday with me being about an hour and a half away. I got quite the play-by-play from my mother-in-law though which was entertaining to say the least. My husband had to help the first one out, but the second one came on it's own. So when I got home I had twin bucklings awaiting me.

Here's One of Them, and Maria (the Momma).

Before I came home though, we ran up to the State Fair, and I got to see my photographs up among a ton of other Professionals. Not to seem immodest, but I felt confident that mine held their own weight. I didn't place, but all three of mine were on the main photography floor which made me happy since there were over a thousand entries and only about a hundred were in that area (the rest they put up on the third floor). Being that it was my first year to enter, I was a bit nervous, but I'm very satisfied with the outcome. Who knows maybe next year I might even place?

So all-in-all it was a great birthday. I don't think anybody could say theirs was exactly like mine.

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