Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Update.

My husband and I had a 'date day' and saw a matinee at the movies. It is a rare occasion that we get to go out together alone, so it was a great time. Life has been really busy, and my allergies have arrived, so I've been a bit in a tizzy.

I illustrated this post with the girl's torso above as a kind of 'inspiration point.' My abs used to look just like that. I miss that strong, farmgirl that I once was. I'm at a healthy weight, but I want my strength back. My biggest problem is that when it comes to my hectic life, it's so easy to put aside my exercise time in lieu of other things. I've got to make myself quit doing that. It's become a terrible habit.

I've created a little printable table to keep myself honest. It is a check-sheet to make sure I do my exercises, my housework, my business stuff, and something creative every single day. I hope it helps me keep on track. You never know, the next torso that I post might be my own, and it might look just as great as the one above.

What do you do to stay fit? Any advice for a busy mom/business owner?


Anonymous said...

We recently joined the ymca, and though I imagine you don't have one near you it has been a godsend for me. My biggest hang up with exercising was finding what to do with Soph. Before that my go to was the carrier pack we got from a camping store. We'd just walk for a few miles (and carrying a child added resistance) : ) Good luck! - Joy

Julia Wright said...

Yeah, there aren't any very close, so I couldn't justify the cost. I'd love to walk a few miles in the morning (after allergy season), but like you my trouble is finding what to do with Joelee. I've been doing a few online workouts, but not on a set routine. Thanks for the encouragement. I've got to stick to it this time.