Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy Past Couple of Days.

A spiderweb that I found one lovely, misty morning.
We've been busy--nowhere near a computer--but today I'm back. I'm loving this autumn weather. Cool, crisp mornings--lots of dew. Makes me realize how close my due date is because it doesn't feel like summer anymore. The twenty-second can't get here fast enough. Being a mom is a dream I didn't know if I'd ever accomplish, and now ,here it is right around the corner. I've got lots of plans still brewing. I've got another batch of etsy artists written down that I'm going to ask permission of to feature their work. This time they are painters instead of photographers. I'm loving the inspiration I've been getting from exploring others' shops. I've got a whole list of ideas of where I want to go next with The Gallivanting Girl and how I hope things will work out. I guess I better head over to etsy and get to writing this next batch of artists.

I've also got some posts to put up of some neat things I've found on other writers' blogs, so stay tuned for that. Oh, and wish me luck--as you know, by 37 weeks pregnant, I guess I could go at any time. That's a scary yet wonderful thought at the same time.


Marie said...

I misread earlier and thought your due date was 9/22 when actually you've a little way to go yet!

Gallivanting_Girl said...

Yep, just a couple more weeks--I understand about misreading stuff--happens to me all the time. Thanks for the congrats, we're really getting excited.

Happy Belated Birthday just the same.

Marie said...

You are SO SWEET, thank you!

I'll bet you're getting excited, what a wonderful and glorious time in your lives!!! Congrats again and again!