Friday, January 8, 2010

Amazing Etsy Photographer --

Yet another photographer's shop to drool over -- This shop has been listed on my favorites in etsy for quite a while now. I'm fond of the 'bird' themed images that she has, and my favorite of them is "Many and One." What a lucky shot to get that solitary bird separated from the group. I also really like the aged effect of "Pastoral with Tree (2451)" It's texture reminds me of when the sun is so bright that you have to squint and everything goes kind of hazy. It makes for a neat piece. She also has a website at and a blog at Please take a moment and look at her shop (her "Urban Decay" series looks like something I would've found--I love forgotten places), and the other links are worth a bit of your time too. "Pastoral with Tree (2451)"

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Tricia McKellar said...

You are so sweet! Thanks so much for the kind words! :)