Monday, January 4, 2010

Amazing Etsy Photographers --

I've been working on this round of etsy artists for a while now. The holidays have had me extremely busy and not around a computer much, but now that the holidays are past I think I can safely say I'll be more blog-minded. The etsy shop is my next shop to feature. There are a lot of wonderful "Through the Viewfinder" photographs which are always a big hit with me. The compositions are very well executed and the focus is nice and soft. My favorite is "When Last We Met." I like how the colors of blue and tan are repeated horizontally across the image, and I enjoy the texture in the waves. The photograph entitled "Softly Sweet in Sepia" is also very nice. I thought the slight changes in shadow and light made for a very eye-pleasing composition. Please be sure to take a quick peek at the shop and tell me what you think.

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