Thursday, January 21, 2010

Amazing Etsy Photographers --

Jared Douglas Martin has a shop on etsy that I found recently: His style is quite different than any I've posted about so far. He takes his subject and puts them in an environment and allows you to become a part of that environment. According to his profile, he does this by the subjects' stare and the way that they are positioned in the photo. Personally, I think the environment itself is the draw because of the chosen lighting, and the depth of field. All of the photographs in his shop have a "story" in them if you allow yourself to look. I find them very beautiful, yet very mysterious. My favorite image is "Farmhouse" if only for the fact that my house looks very similar to the one in the photograph (disrepair and all). I've always been attracted to abandoned and run-down architecture (hence my house), so it makes me relate to the girl in the photo. I'm sure everybody can find something in an image to link themselves to it--and I think that's what he is going for with this series of photos. I hope you take a nice stroll through the rest of his work and tell me what you think. "Fawn."

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