Friday, January 8, 2010

I've never been a fan of winter.

Photo I took of snow on top of a fence post February 2009

Sure the snow is pretty, but I'm leery of driving when winter-weather hits. Being that my favorite hobby is gallivanting you can imagine how this dampers my spirit a bit when I'm not able to venture out on the backroads. Not failing to mention the fact that I have a three-month-old who can't be taken outside to play because it's too cold. Combine those factors and I get a total of five minutes a day outside--that's just long enough to feed the livestock and dogs and then scramble back inside. Springtime is calling me big time--I'm craving sunshine and spring storms. I'm looking forward to exploring again (since last year had me close to home because of being pregnant--nobody told me I'd feel so crummy). This spring I've got HUGE plans to gallivant as much as I possibly can--venturing out with my camera and Joelee strapped to my side. We'll find all the cute small towns I used to come across and I'll show you what I find. That's what this blog was initially supposed to be for, but because I felt better staying close to home last year I started blogging about artists on etsy instead (and I intend to keep doing that even when I start gallivanting again). I've found so many artists that I would've never known existed by featuring them here. I've had a lot of compliments on them, and I really enjoy looking at all the inspiring art they've created. Isn't it funny how you think you're having to change your plans to something less exciting than what you went out to do and you find it's really great too? So...even though I'm a little delayed on what my true intent for this blog is, I feel I'm still right on target.

Keep sticking around--things are going to get good--as soon as this snow melts and the weather decides to come back up above freezing for a bit...brrr.

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