Monday, October 5, 2009

Amazing Etsy Painters --

I found this artist quite a while back, and was immediately smitten with the women portraits that she created. The artist behind is a genius at manipulating watercolors (that's one medium I really struggle with). It was really difficult to select only three of her items to showcase--each character has so much life behind them that you want to know them all--but I was drawn to "She was Like a Queen in Her Palace" because of the emotion captured in the woman's eyes, and "She was Full of Revolutionary Ideas" because she looks to be a very happy-go-lucky girl who would probably have a ton of great stories to tell. The two women in "Sisters in the Dark Days" have such a bond that you can see, although it is probably caused by hardship, but they are close just the same. The artist also has a lovely blog, so I recommend checking her shop and her blog out if you get a free moment."She was Like a Queen in Her Palace""Sisters in the Dark Days"

"She was Full of Revolutionary Ideas"

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