Monday, October 5, 2009

Amazing Etsy Painters --

This next shop is a very successful one--the artist has been on Martha Stewart making her neat dolls for goodness sake--and the best part is she's a young entrepreneur like me! So here's a few items from She has a blog where she talks about her work and such at and a more fashion-based blog here. Her wardrobe is amazing--I wish I could pull something like that off (instead I wear work-boots, jeans, a men's work-shirt, and some form of shirt underneath just about everyday--goes with the territory, I guess--her pretty clothes on me whilst working in the barn probably wouldn't last too long). Sigh, I can just envy over hers I guess. Her paintings are very eye catching because they are uniquely hers in style. My favorites are the various animal and people paintings. The girls that she paints are almost haunting with their large staring eyes that look right through you, often with a hint of expression in the corner of their mouths. I really enjoy her work and I hope you do as well--take a look at her shop for many more items."To Ride a Black Swan""She Moves Among the Sparrows"

"Amelia Bumble"

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