Sunday, October 4, 2009

Amazing Etsy Painters --

This next shop I'm going to feature is really intriguing to me. The shop is, and the originality of her pieces is definitely what draws me. They have a surreal quality that I truly enjoy. My favorite is "Beyond The Faint Glow Of A Tired Sky" because of the beautiful depiction of the tree and the colors of the background. I also really like "Ships Glide Over Newly Created Seas" because of the whimsy of the ship and the saturated colors as well. The artist also has a blog;, and a website at Definitely look at the other work in her shop--it's all very magical and the world it is derived from looks like a wonderful place to explore. "Ships Glide Over Newly Created Seas""Building Oceans Over Vacant Fields"

"Beyond The Faint Glow Of A Tired Sky"

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