Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me.

Yep, as of today I'm twenty-five. As per typical of my birthdays--I'm not doing anything exciting today. Although with this apparently trying to be the hottest day of the year, I spent the morning setting up fans outside for various critters. Whilst getting an extension cord out of the shop I got my jeans caught on some wire mesh and ripped a big hole in the leg--dang. That was for the fan that reaches the geldings at the end of the feed bunk. I then set my smaller doe and buck out of the barn and put a fan in front of them. I hadn't had a chance to take a photo of them before now, but the smaller doe had a litter of nine last week--aren't they cute? Now my big doe is outside pulling hair--of course she picks the hottest day--although yay for birthday bunnies. So I put a stand-up fan outside of her hutch. Let's hope the heat doesn't hurt her or the kits.

I went on my annual birthday gallivant with my best friend (of over thirteen years now, WOW) Margie--we headed westward into Illinois. we had a picnic in the back of the vehicle, and saw some amazing farms on our drive. Have I mentioned that my daughter is a bit of a goofball. At nine months old (almost ten) she is such a character. She loves to make people laugh and is an excellent face-maker.

She thought the gallivant was pretty nifty. Thank goodness because she's got a ton more in her future.

I think Margie would agree that Joe is the best infant gallivanter in the world.


Margie said...

I do agree to that claim. She's a little goofy niece oh how I love her though =)

Gallivanting_Girl said...

I'm glad you love her--she's so wonderful, and yes very goofy.