Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Craigslist Cravings.

Everyone who knows me well knows I want 2 exotic animals someday--a camel and an emu. Well leave it to Craigslist--Cloverdale has 3 babies for sale this week--100 bucks or best offer. The ad reads:

I purchased 3 thirteen week old emu birds hoping they would get along with my chickens and turkeys in the same pen. Boy was I wrong, all they want to do is chase them around. Now my chickens will not come out of the coop. I am selling all three birds together for $100 or best offer. I have no way to haul them so you will need to bring your own unclosed trailer to haul. They are friendly, I pet the heads and necks on every visit. No special food is needed I feed them cow pellets that run $5 for a fifty pound bag. Has all the nutrients they need. One fifty pound bag lasts two to three weeks, they don't eat a lot.

Oh how I wish I was heading to Cloverdale to pick them up--sigh, someday perhaps, but not today.

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