Friday, August 6, 2010

Themed Days Ahead.

Starting Monday along with my daily blitherings I'm going to write up some pre-planned works.

  • Monday: Chow Down--recipes, and foodly goodness.

  • Tuesday: Craigslist Cravings--the things I wish I could bring home.

  • Wednesday: Artistic Moment of the Week--Artists, Artwork, Etsy Shops, etc.

  • Thursday: Real Estate Hankerings--listings that I dream about owning.

  • Friday: Blog of Note--the latest and greatest blog for the week.

  • Saturday: Compelling Compositions--articles, quotations, and books to pass along.

  • Sunday: Proposed Projects--neat little diddies that I'd like to make on my own.

I hope you'll like this addition to our regularly scheduled blogging. Stay tuned for the first week's edition.

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