Thursday, August 12, 2010

Real Estate Hankerings.

I'm sure people who don't know me would've read "Real Estate Hankerings" and pictured mansions and fancy architecture, but when I search for real estate on I choose +51 years as part of my search criteria. If I ever have the money to buy and fix up houses I want to start with something that has character, and a history. This house, that I chose to be the first enstallment of "Real Estate Hankerings," is located in Newberry, Indiana at 36 4th Street.

It's on a half an acre, 2 bed, 1 bath, 1,096 square foot house. It's listed for $9,000, and was built in 1915, and supposedly has an unfinished basement. I like the bones of this house--and if I had it I would probably take out the chimney and bring the porch on across the front and add onto the right side of the house. Of course that's just looking on the outside, but I'm sure I'd change my mind a bit when I saw how the house was layed out. It would definitely get a metal roof, and have the landscape tamed back a bit and have a few flowers planted around. It would make such a cute little bungalow for a young person to start out in, or an older person to slow down in, don't you think?

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