Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Finding My Style.

Up until now, I've never really had a "style."  From birth until age twenty most of my wardrobe was labeled "country."  I preferred Wrangler jeans, boots, belt buckle, and a t-shirt.  It was just an easy go-to closet for my life.  Fast forward a bit, I got married, and we decided to have a baby.
A photo of me from college.

Now, I don't want to shock anyone, but pregnancy has the habit of doing a number on your body.  With my daughter I gained about fifty pounds--stretched my belly out about four foot in front of me, and I've spent the past three years trying to find some semblance of my previous body once again.  Since giving birth, I've only felt comfortable in baggy shirts, and otherwise ill-fitting clothes.  I felt deflated to put it mildly.  Nobody told me that your body didn't just bounce back, and I was oblivious to the battle I was in for.

Huge Pregnant with Joelee.

I've worked so very hard, and by some sort of anomaly of physics, my stomach went back to where it was supposed to be.

Earlier this Spring--finally feeling more like me.

So, now I find myself at a bit of a crossroads.  I severely need to throw out the clothes in my closet.  It's not such a great loss.  All but a handful of things came from the thrift stores because I knew I wasn't going to be wearing them long (never did I think three years worth of ill fitting clothes would be in my fate), and I'm the cheapest person in the world when it comes to shopping.  I'm ready to have a wardrobe that reads "put together."  One that has a good mix of artistic, cool, western, casual, vintage, and feminine, but tough.  I've been scouring Polyvore and Pinterest and I've found some inspiration.

First up, blazers.  I love the way they punch up an outfit.  This brown one is really nice, but I also like the idea of bold pink or a navy blue.

Via Pinterest /
I wear a pair of FatBaby Ariat boots on a daily basis around the farm, but I'd like to find a fancy pair of dress boots to wear to town or to get togethers.  This pair is particularly lovely.

Dan Post Boots via Pinterest /
I also want to up my femininity a bit.  I like the pencil skirt silhouette and dresses that reach at least knee length (I'm a prude that way, ha).  I like the vintage style of dresses too.  Women looked so classy in the 1920s-1950s era.  That's what I'm going to strive for.

Via Pinterest (this is glamorous).
I also want to add a couple of trench coats to my closet.  I need a jacket other than my barn coats, what can I say?

Via Pinterest (Tulips and Flight Suits).

I also have to learn how to do my make-up and hair.  I know a twenty-seven year old female should already know these things, but believe me, I don't.  I can throw my hair in a ponytail or bun, and I can put on mascara, but that's about the extent of it.  On an artsy twist, I'm really digging the tied up scarf look.

Via Pinterest /

I want to grow my hair out a bit more, and learn how to do a simple tossled look like this beautiful girl's hair.

Via Pinterest /
Another feminine look that I'd like to emulate.  Love the lacy cut outs, and that it stays classy.

Via Pinterest / Style Me Pretty.

I also need to invest in some sort of a handbag.  I've made it all this time without a purse, but I'll now admit that I need to find one (that's such a mom thing to say).  This piece via Love Maegan, is beautiful, but way out of my price range.
Via Pinterest / Love Maegan.
This one is pretty swanky too, but I imagine I'll find a second-hand one instead of spending much money on one.
Via Appetite on Etsy.
So, there you have it.  All-in-all I just want an updated, grown-up look.  I'm looking for pencil skirts, blazers, blouses, dark-wash boot cut jeans, belts, camisoles, fitted tees, button-up fitted shirts, shorts (that aren't hoochie-length), ballet flats, peep toes, trench coat, dresses, pumps, dressy boots, etc., as well as some better fitting clothes to wear around the farm, and workout in.  I'm sure this new wardrobe will be built slowly, but I'm looking forward to this new version of me.  If anyone has any advice, fashion blogs I should check out, or words of encouragement to help me through this huge undertaking, I'll take what I can get.  Also any opinions or thoughts on my above choices would be graciously taken as well.


Julia said...

I definitely agree that having babies takes it toll, and afterward I was so sleep deprived that fashion came last. Its only now that I feel I have any time to look! ps-your house looks amazing, how inspiring!

Julia Wright said...

Thanks Julia! Our house has come a long way to say the least. I can't wait to show it off once it's finished.