Thursday, September 13, 2012

Looking for a Recipe.

I want to try a veggie burger.  More specifically I'd like to try one that has avocados and tomatoes in it.  The MorningStar Farms variety sounds good until I read the ingredient panel.  I'm anti-soy products, and it's full of them.
I've scoured the internet looking for a from-scratch copycat recipe that I could tweak to my tastes, but haven't found a single one.  Perhaps I'll just make a turkey burger and add in tomatoes and avocado and whatnot and see what happens.  I'm sure I'll end up just coming up with a completely random from scratch version that would taste nothing like the above version, but will suit me just fine.  I'm not a vegetarian, but I do like vegetarian recipes every once in a while to up my veggie intake.

So all that rambling was to ask if anyone had any suggestions for a burger recipe (with or without meat) that includes tomatoes and avocados in the patty itself.  Thanks in advance.


Julia said...

how about black bean burgers? I haven't made them before, but we've ordered them and they are soy free (I believe..)

Julia Wright said...

I have made black bean burgers and quinoa burgers, and a few other veggie-style burgers. These just sounded interesting, but I've not seen any recipes that looked similar. Thanks for the comment though. I use soy-sauce, but otherwise I keep away from soy as a 'filler.' Just a personal preference.