Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What a Day for a Daydream (aka 2012 diy Blog Cabin Giveaway)

An email just came into my inbox telling me to sign up for the diy Blog Cabin Coastal Retreat 2012.  

This girl isn't afraid of dreaming.  I'm signing up every day until the deadline.  Boy, the thoughts of winning a vacation home in Maine worth $700,000, it makes my head spin.  First off, I've always wanted to visit Maine:  the coastline, the seafood, the scenery, the antique shops, sigh.  Secondly, the money would change our life.  

We'd get our house finished without worrying about the money being spent.  The bank would be paid off, and Joe would have a decent start at a college fund.
2012 Blog Cabin.  Image via DIY Network.
Thirdly, we'd get to take our first ever family vacation (mind you, I'd have to pay someone to come farm-sit until we got back).  Joe seeing the ocean would be huge (you should see her when we play at the lake, I can't imagine what seeing the ocean for the first time would be like for her).

I'd also get a start on buying the old John Deere building in town and turning it into a gallery and community art space.  That's been a huge dream of mine for quite a long while, and with the extra money, I could make it a reality.  Not failing to mention, I could focus more on my artwork and photography and make it more of a career.

So, here I sit daydreaming about going to Maine to collect my prize, and where my life would take me after that.  Of course I have The Lovin' Spoonful's song in my head now, so I'll put it on here so it can be stuck in yours too.

Wish me luck, okay.  If I win, I'll put a huge giveaway on here from my shop.  So, see, I'll share the wealth.  Come on, Maine!!  And if you are the DIY Network, I would really, really, really like to win--if you couldn't tell.

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