Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just Another Reason Why I Don't Like The News.

Get ready for a slight rant.

Last night, on the news, they proclaimed that rice has arsenic in it.  Let's make a population panic about something that occurs in nature.  It's not as if someone is out there sprinkling arsenic on bags of rice.  Just like last week, when they told us that organic produce has bacteria on it.  Well of course it does.  Every surface is covered in bacteria (some good and some bad), but that's what immune systems are for.  The week before that it was something about the dangers of meat.  I don't understand why the media wants to scare us away from anything that resembles real food.  Let's just avoid the produce, dairy, and meat counters all together.  Instead let's buy all the refined, preserved, artificial stuff that is barely recognizable as food.  Can you honestly tell me that any of that stuff is fit to eat?

I'll stick with my arsenic-rice and my bacteria-laden produce.  I just find it sad that our diets as a population are in the state that they are.  But no wonder, we're being scared out of eating real food and force-fed the thousand-ingredient junk food.  Not failing to mention, that convenience trumps healthy every time.  I'll just shake my head silently and keep making my foods from scratch.

What I find sad is that when I want to buy any seemingly simple food at the grocery store I have to read the ingredient panel to see what 'extras' they've put into it.  Grape juice isn't just grape juice--it has ten extra ingredients for who-knows what reason.  Your turkey breasts have caramel color added.  Why?

People may make fun of me for trying to raise all of our food here on the farm, but I figure it's better than trying to sort through the ingredient panels in the store.

Sigh, end of rant.


Casey Russell said...

Well said! It's sad what gets passed off as "food" at the grocery store. And you are exactly right; the media does try to scare us away from natural, simple foods. I'm not saying we always go for fresh or organic, but I'm not fooled by what's on the label or in the news!

Julia Wright said...

Yeah, I ate a nice big bowl of leftover rice for lunch. I'm not taking much of what the media says for truth. Next week, they'll have a completely different scary food to tell us about, and I'm sure I'll continue to eat it just the same.