Monday, September 3, 2012

Progress on the House.

As you can see, the house has changed dramatically since the start of the project.  It was an ancient house with good bones, and Mike has turned it into a show place of a home now.  Next step is framing out the windows and doors and putting in floors.  The bottom story is almost complete!
Interior Dining Room Facing Stairs and South Room, Bottom Story, Circa 2008.

Interior, Upstairs, Circa 2008.

Exterior, Rear of the House, Circa 2008.

Living Room, Working on Foundation, Circa 2009.

Exterior, Rear of the House, Spring 2012.

Interior, Working on Painting Drywall, South Room, August 2012.

Interior, Kitchen, August 2012.

Interior, Kitchen/Entry, August 2012.

Interior, Dining Room, August 2012.

Living Room from South Room, August 2012.

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Kayce Church said...

Very nice! However, the choice of paint in the south room is bit dull, and it the lighting feels like it isn’t enough. I do hope you would considered painting it with a brighter color. If you think that it's just fine for you and your family members, then it's okay.