Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Barbecue, Odd Death.

I probably confuse a lot of people with my titles. It comes down to having a very busy day and only a single post to tell it.

Tonight for supper we had beef barbecue with homemade sauce and pita bread that I made on the stove top instead of an oven (it worked a lot better, it made it toasted and yummy). I will definitely be making this meal again.

However, on a sad note, when I went out to feed this evening I was coming back up to the house and stopped at the hutch nearest the house to check on my young does that are all housed together. Three came to the door to greet me, which left one unaccounted for. I found her on her side and dying behind a wooden box I have for them to play on. She was breathing very calmly, and her eyes looked clear, but she was obviously dying. I picked her up and she was limp, and had some viscous clear liquid around her genitals, but other than that she looked normal. I gave her to my husband who took her to the barn and put her down humanely and quickly so she wasn't suffering anymore. The more I think about it, I honestly think she may have broken her back. I've never seen an animal with clear eyes be so sick as to lay prone, and the other girls seem very healthy and fine, so I'm assuming that's what happened.

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