Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Renewing Community.

I think the first key to a thriving community is a sense of 'oneness.' To get people together and out of their solitary, fast-paced lives communities have to come up with inventive event ideas. I'm hoping Worthington will become a "Stars Hollow al a The Gilmore Girls"-esque kind of a community by the time I'm old and gray. I'd be happy with a community event every week of the year. Here are some of the community events across the country that I think would be fun.
A chicken coop tour in Austin, Texas. The poster is by one of my Etsy favorites Joe Seppi.
Petaluma, California has the Butter and Egg Days. You can buy this poster via here.
The Tacoma, Washington Film Festival. I couldn't get the website to come up, but I love this poster. The lumberjack cracked me up. Via Google Images.
And of course the farmer's market. I think we need one in town every week. We've got a nice sized park, or the high school's parking lot is a large size. You can buy this beautiful poster via Etsy too.

I am not sure how to go about campaigning to get 52 events planned for next year, but I'm definitely going to see what I can do. The events we do hold annually could use a bit of help too. The festival I sold at (or at least set up my booth at) last week was very poorly advertised for, so I don't really think anybody knew it was going on. That's a big key to making something work: advertising, food, and easy parking make for good crowds.

What events do you have in your community? I'm truly curious.

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