Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unexpected Phone Calls and Tarantulas in the Sink.

Got a phone call from the doctor yesterday. Usually they are just "Your results came back, and everything was normal." "Okay, Thanks." and that's that. Well this time it was a bit different. "Your results showed some abnormal cells, we'll test you again in six months." "What?" "It's no big deal really. Usually your body will shed the cells and it's nothing to worry about. If they don't go away then we'll have to do a biopsy to see if they are cancerous." "Oh..." "If you have any questions, just give us a call." And the nurse hung up. It's easy enough for a chipper nurse to tell me that it's no big deal, but here I sit a twenty-five year old girl wondering if in a few months my news is going to be good or grim. Quite a life-checking situation. So...I bawled. I bawled like a big baby. I'm sure people get this phone call all the time, but it was the last thing I was expecting. After a few good minutes of weeping I pulled myself together, and tried to look at the bright side. If it is something serious it has been caught, and the doctor will monitor it. If it's nothing, and it rights itself, then I'm none the worse for wear. I'm just glad I'm not the nurse that has to make those phone calls all day long. I'd be bawling right along with the patients. With that news, I'm just hoping for the best and in six-months I'll know one way or the other.

Being that life seemed a little more precious the past couple of days (as only a scary phone call can induce), I've not been able to murder the giant spiders that have been getting caught in our sink. Every single day there is yet another monstrous arachnid dwelling there. The one I set free outside this evening was the biggest I've seen yet. It was the size of the palm of my hand, and you could hear it's footfalls on the sink. I tried repeatedly to get it to stay on the piece of paper that was to be it's carrier to the freedom that was waiting outside but it kept jumping back into the sink making an audible "thud" each time. Good thing spiders don't make me queasy or squeamish, but criminy sakes if they get any bigger I'm wondering if they are going to shoo me out the door instead.

So that's where I'm at for the moment. I can't let things get me down, just have to stay positive and focus on the good things and not the abnormal cells and giant spiders in my life.


Leslie Hawes said...

Well, so that stinks.
Your post title caught my eye, and after reading what you wrote, giant spiders that go 'thud' sound pedestrian.
I will keep thinking about you until you let us know how it's going.
(we also have palm sized, thudding spiders here. Your description made me smile knowingly)

Gallivanting_Girl said...

Thanks for your concern. I'm sure everything will right itself (I hope). The giant spiders are getting to be rather comical because every night I turn one loose and think, surely tomorrow couldn't bring a bigger one, and then alas there is an even larger sucker in the sink by breakfast. We'll be setting records in the next week I'd estimate.

the lady and the gentleman said...

VItamin C!! and a lot of it. Don't take our word for it, check out this documentary called Food Matters.

Gallivanting_Girl said...

I'm all about fresh foods and made from scratch meals. So, I think I'm doing pretty good in the healthy diet department. I read that eating lots of fruits and vegetables helps to shed the abnormal cells. If that's the case I should be 100% normal when I go back. They told me it was likely the stress of pregnancy caused the abnormal cells anyway.

Margie said...

Soooo I already talked with you about the important part of this post, but take this as my retirement from being in your kitchen ever again. Since last time I saw one of your sink dwellers I think I peed just a little...I'm sure you understand, after all I'd not expect you to be in a mouse infested area without having issues. =)

Gallivanting_Girl said...

Oh Margie, you'll be okay. Just carry a big stick.