Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Name Game: First Round.

Here is the buckling goat. He's a LaMancha, blonde and white in color, he has wattles under his neck (you can see them in one of the pictures). He is very ornery, and loves to torment the dogs. He really needs a name (along with a bunch of my other livestock), so the plan is to have you help. I've decided anybody who submits a potential name will be included in a drawing for a free print from my shop. I'll have the drawing once all the livestock have been named. So, the buckling is the first to get named.

Thanks in advance for all the help. Have fun with it. Keep in mind I really like 'human' names for animals, and names with backgrounds (ie, from novels, movies, etc.), and names with variations to be used in future generations (ie, if his name was King, then I could name his daughter Princess someday, as a hypothetical example).

You can submit your suggestions via comments on this blog, commenting on facebook, email, phone call, etc. Happy Naming Everybody!
Sorry all of the photos are action shots, he doesn't like to sit still.

You can see his wattles in the image above.
He's got white markings on his face, and beautiful light colored eyes. He was supposed to be disbudded, but the horns are coming back in as scurs.


Susan said...

My first thought was Manny, as in Manny of LaMancha. Also could be Don/Donny Quixote. What a cute little guy!

Hilda said...


The Fabulously Fierce Fashionista said...

I like Manny. However since you need options.... how about Nelson.

It a cute name for a cute goat that's a bully lol.

Nelson from the Simpsons was the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for Ferdinand, but Tony thought he looked like a Julian. I love naming!