Monday, May 2, 2011

Nervous, Nervous.

In less than a week I'll be selling at my first ever festival. I can't express how nervous I am. I've got lots of prints, but I need to put them in plastic and label them. As I started to write this, my business cards arrived (they look great by the way), so I'll have plenty to give away at the booth. I guess I just don't know what to expect. The festival is the "Worthington Old Fashion Day" and since we live in such a small community I'm not expecting record-breaking numbers, but putting your work out there for people to look at is a scary thing. I'm just hoping for a good reception.

I'm worried it's going to rain, as it's been doing for the past month, and they will have to cancel. There is a rain-date, but I'm ready to get this first festival under my belt. That way I can move on, you know? The second festival won't be as scary as the first, and the third one won't hurt at all I imagine. So, if you're not busy on Saturday (and it's not raining) make your way to Worthington and find my booth.

I've been getting a lot of attention on Etsy for my work (as you can tell by the treasuries that feature my items that I've posted about). You have no idea how much every single one of them means to me. To know that somebody chose me and my work out of the throngs of AMAZING artists on Etsy is a very humbling thing. I hope the rest of this year keeps heading in the direction it's traveling so far because things have been going splendidly.

Running my own business has been a dream I've held close since I was just a kid. Making that dream a reality has been a scary, exciting, and life-changing ride, but I feel truly lucky that I get to stay home with my daughter every day and do what I love for a living. Combine The Gallivanting Girl with the rest of the dreams I'm working on and you've got a very busy mom, wife, and girl in general. The farm is going pretty well (although I've officially killed all the seedlings that were doing so well). This rainy weather has been unhelpful in so many ways. We've not been able to plow up the garden, and my seedlings sprouted great, but the lack of sunlight made them weak and spindly and when the sun did shine I set them outside and the wind destroyed them. Oh well. I've got more seeds, and they'll just have to be started late.

The livestock are all getting along fine. I'll be getting some chicks, ducklings, and goslings in the next few weeks. I'm still looking for a couple Brown Swiss calves, but I'm not having much luck. My goats should be due in August, and we should have some more rabbit kits at the end of this month. My adult chickens are actually buying their own feed this year because we've been selling eggs in town. So, all in all, the farm is starting to take shape. Slow but sure.

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