Thursday, May 12, 2011

Real Estate Hankerings: A House for My Sister.

My sister lives in Indianapolis. Whether she believes it or not, she needs to move from the big city with her kids and find a place in the country to raise them. I'm slightly biased about rural living. Anyway, there is a property in Elnora that would house her brood rather comfortably. It's a 5 bedroom, 1 bath farmhouse. It probably needs a bit of work, but for the price I would think it could be turned into a super-nice farm.

It has outbuildings, but the listing doesn't say what size the lot is. I imagine some of the farm ground around it could be bought to add to the property. It looks as if there is plenty of open land around the house.

The property is located at 11616 N. 275 E., Elnora, IN 47529. They are asking $48,300, and I'm curious what the house looks like on the inside. It's got lots of potential just from the pictures to me.

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